Teaching EBP

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Formulate focused clinical questions with the PICO mnemonic.
Search for EBP resources, studies, and more.
Critically appraise information for reliability and relevancy.
Review study designs and levels of evidence.
Discover resources for teaching evidence-based practice concepts.

Resources for Teaching EBP

Tips for Learning and Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine

CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) has published a series of articles, Tips for Learning and Teaching Evidence-Based Medicine, with tips for teaching and learning EBM. There are two versions of each article, one for learners and one for teachers. The learners' versions appear in CMAJ and Journal of General Internal Medicine, and the related teachers' versions are published online (links are included in the learners' versions). The online teachers' versions will also give readers access to a variety of extra features, including an interactive version of the teaching article.