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For current hours and services, please see the Library Hours page. 

Library staff remain committed to serving the OU-Tulsa community during this public health emergency. Let us know how we can help you!

Library Services and Resources

Assistance from Library Staff
  • Chat Now — Get quick help from library staff through “Chat now” button at the top right of the website.
  • Schedule a Meeting with a Librarian — Set up an appointment to meet with a librarian via Zoom video for help finding peer-reviewed articles, storing and citing references, presentation consults, and more.
  • Request a Literature Search — Don't have time for a research consult? We can search the literature for you and provide citations and abstracts. Literature searches are free for OU-Tulsa students, residents, staff, and faculty.
  • Request a Book for Pickup — Request a book from the library and pick it up between 1-6pm daily.
  • Email a Library Staff Member — Contact a member of the Schusterman Library Team
  • Email for General Help — Have a question about library policies? Need help finding information about something not on this list? Send us a message at your convenience!
Library Resources Online

Access to databases and electronic materials remains uninterrupted.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Research

Free Research on Covid-19
These journals and publishers are providing free up-to-the-minute research on Covid-19:
The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

Elsevier COVID-19 Toolkit
Elsevier packaged their clinical resources and tools into a downloadable toolkit, which follows clinical workflow for managing patients and covers topics from symptom management to diagnosis, treatment and ongoing wellness. You’ll find resources that include Clinical Skills, Nursing and Allied Health Care Plans, eLearning, Point-of-Care Clinical Overviews, Order Sets, Drug Monographs, Procedure Videos and Patient Education materials.

Current News Sources
For current news, the Washington Post, New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal have dropped their usual subscription for Covid-19 information

Verifying Information
No matter where you get your information, be sure to consider the reliability of the source. Information on Covid-19 is changing rapidly and rumors move faster than fact.

Other OU Resources
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General Information and Help

Physical Health

COVID-19/coronavirus Symptoms
If you develop a high fever and experience symptoms such as sore throat, dry cough, or difficulty breathing, it is time to contact your healthcare provider. No fever? No need for immediate care. You can, however, have the virus and pass it on to others before you know you are ill. The need for awareness and staying in your home remains high.

OU-Tulsa Student Health
Select student health services are available at the Student Health Clinic. Information on student health guidelines and services are available at

Schusterman Clinic
The Schusterman Clinic remains open to provide care to patients, students, and those with emerging health needs. Please call for an appointment at 918-619-4400.

Tulsa Health Department
Local data from the Tulsa Health Department includes resources for testing:

For SoonerCare assistance, contact Tulsa Healthcare Coverage Project at (918) 619-4749.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The CDC in Atlanta provide the most reliable and current information available. The page dedicated to COVID-19 has general information and a map of the current cases reported in the United States. Statistics are updated at 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Mental Health


Seeking Help
Generally, stress and uncertainty greatly increase symptoms of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse disorders. The circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak provide a worst-case scenario for many who are struggling. The first line of defense is to call your primary care physician or mental health provider to discuss treatment options. Some therapists are offering online appointments. If you are experiencing persistent thoughts of self-harm or you live with someone who does, call 911.

OU-Tulsa Student Counseling Services
OU-Tulsa Student Counseling Services is offering telehealth services on a temporary basis. Information on the services and contact information for setting appointments is available at

Tulsa County residents can also contact the COPES crisis team at or (918) 744-4800. Trained professionals will come to your home to evaluate the situation and provide assistance.

211 Helpline
Another excellent resource is the 211 HelpLine. From any phone, dial or text 211. The staff is available 24/7 to connect you with housing, food, utilities, community organizations, and mental health services. They also maintain a website at

Domestic Violence
Persons who experience domestic and intimate partner violence may be particularly at-risk while in quarantine. If you feel unable or unwilling to call authorities, consider making a safety plan. This includes thinking about concrete steps you will take when the time comes that it is not safe to remain in place. Keep your cell phone charged and memorize phone numbers of two people you trust. Always know where your shoes and jacket are, especially at night. Think about simple ways to leave that do not raise an alarm: walking outside with a pet, taking out the trash, going to the store to buy personal items (tampons or shaving supplies, for example). Domestic Violence Intervention Services of Tulsa provides emergency shelter and advice at or (918) 7HELPME / (918) 743-5763.

Recreation and Family


Practicing self-care is always a good idea. Turning off the electronics and going for a walk provides welcome relief from the constant barrage of a 24/7 news cycle. Adequate sleep, good nutrition, regular exercise, and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or meditation help to maintain the body and ease the mind.

Tulsa City/County Library
Tulsa City/County Library buildings are closed, but the online borrowing option allows you to borrow e-books and browse online content at

For Parents
To help you explain what is going on to your child:…

And to keep children occupied, many of the schools are offering online learning activities. One assistant principal is making videos of virtual PE classes that will help kids burn off some of that extra energy.

Steve Hartman on CBS is sharing lessons in kindness.